Center for Healthcare Robotics (CHR)

at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

The CHR has secured key technologies related to medical information and medical robots by developing VR/AR surgical navigation systems, catheter intervention robots, and micro-surgical robots over the past decade or so, and based on this, it aims to contribute to the healthy life of mankind by developing a digitally assisted surgical robot system based on medical intelligence.

Research areas


Research project

Navigation-integrated cranio-vertebral surgical robot for precise surgeries

정합정밀도 1mm 이하 수술용 내비게이션 융합 두경부 수술로봇 시스템 개발


2021년 1월 박사후연구원(Post-Doc.) / 인턴연구원 공개채용

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이우섭 책임 연구원 로봇산업유공자 표창

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KIST 박사후연구원(Post-Doc.) / 인턴연구원 2020년 11월 공개채용

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KIST 박사후연구원(Post-Doc.)/인턴연구원 2020년 9월 공개채용

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디스크수술용 국산 미세로봇 상용화 '눈앞' / KIST(한국과학기술연구원) 로봇미디어연구소 의료로봇연구단 시연

20. 8. 5.